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"Residual Signal"

2014 - Residual Signal was part artist residency and part group show of sound works entitled Sanctuary, located in the historic Rotunda, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The space was 80 feet in circumference and 45 feet tall. The site-specific installation had 3 video projections, 5 channel sound, lighting and sculpture.

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"Indigo Hunting"

2012 - Indigo Hunting was part of a group show of site-specific installations, Catagenesis, located in the historic Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Healy and Phillips used a factory room approximately 38 feet wide, 55 deep and 30 feet tall. The site-specific installation included two video projections, sound, sequenced lighting, and sculpture created from the remains of one of industrial Philadelphia's significant 19th century dye works.

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"Figures of Speech"

2011 - Figures of Speech - A site-specific multimedia installation at 3820 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Part of the Look! Lancaster Avenue Art Festival. Sculpture and two video projection with 2 channel sound and lighting in the 25' x 20' x 10' semi-renovated rowhouse.

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"Partial Clearing"

2010 - Partial Clearing - A site-specific multimedia installation at the Ganser Art Gallery, Millersville State University, Millersville, Pennsylvania. Three video projections with six speakers, sculpture and lighting in the 22' x 60' x 10' gallery.

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"Running True"

2009- Running True - A site-specific multimedia installation at landmark Disston Saw Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Multiple audio speakers and video projections, lights and sculpture in an unused 45' x 50' x 30' drop forge building on the Disston factory site. Part of Hidden City Philadelphia.

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2008- MetaphorM - A site-specific multimedia installation at Suyama Space, Seattle, Washington. Three video projections, four audio speakers, sensors and sculpture in a 30' x 50' x 20' gallery housed in a former stables, now an architectural office with an exhibition program.

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"half moon rising"

2007- half moon rising - A site-specific multimedia installation at Kutztown University's Sharadin Art Gallery. Three video projections, six audio speakers, lighting and sculpture occupied a large 40' x 60' x 20' gallery.

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"More Bloody Lies"

2005 - More Bloody Lies - A site-specific installation using video projection and a sculptural assemblage. The assemblage was approximately 15' x 25' x 14' high in size. It was shown in September of 2005 at the IceBox Project Space, Crane Art Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as part of a group show entitled OperationRAW.

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"Limbic Pentameter"

2003, 2004 - Limbic Pentameter - A site-specific installation using 4 channel sound and a video projection passing through a dense sculptural construction approximately 18' x 22' x 10' high. It was shown in March and April of 2003 at the Rose Lehrman Arts Center Gallery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and as part of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, September 2004.

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2002 - here&now - A site-specific installation in a 20' x 20' room in the former Alverthorpe Manor, now Abington Art Center, Abington, Pennsylvania, during September and October of 2002. We transformed the all white, fluorescently lit space into a dark and meditative chamber with a 24-color geometric wall mural, light refractions and 4 channel sound.

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2000- Synopera - We created a small but active sound, sculpture and light installation at Larry Becker Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was situated in an unused freight elevator which opened to the street. We used the sliding doors of the elevator to create a horizontal opening through which visitors could look and listen. The piece ran as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

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1999- Cross-Talk - One of the first multimedia computer music-based installations ever presented in the People's Republic of China, Cross-Talk was on display at the China World Trade Center during part of October 1999. Over 2000 visitors came through the piece. Our work was sponsored by the International Computer Music Association's 1999 conference. We used MAX/MSP on a Powerbook as the main controller. Lighting and sound generation as well as the inputs from the various analog sensors were under its control.

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1998- Intro-specks - Sited in Rackham Hall on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Intro-specks was created for the International Computer Music Association's 1998 conference. Healy created a gathering of "found objects" which suggested elemental units. Phillips used a high speed audio switcher to pan the sound through six speakers around the gallery. The soundscape was composed using MAX/MSP to create the soundscape.

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1998- Nmesh - Nmesh was installed in a large empty warehouse in Old City Philadelphia. Using found metallic materials, Healy created an abstract elegy to her mother - an environment of stillness and anticipation. A custom made rotating light suspended from the ceiling created a mesmerizing effect as it cast shadows and fleeting reflections. Phillips created the soundscape using Max to control playback of numerous samples (mostly derived from the human voice, then modified in MetaSynth) and move those sounds through four powered speakers at ceiling height. Two other speakers were placed at opposite ends of the 140 foot floor providing a synthesized low frequency component. Nmesh was part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

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"Word Salad"

1998- Word Salad - This "sound object" was created for the SEAMUS '98 conference at Dartmouth College. Healy wrapped the listening chair in surgical gauze and also contributed a reading of her poem A True Story. Phillips created the sound component entirely from her voice and words. The sound was played back through two day-glo salad bowl speakers which were very lo-fi and "beam-y." This enabled Phillips to play with directional effects and create an aural equivalent of the inside/outside theme of the writing.

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"Growth Factor"

1997- Growth Factor - We created, in an empty store front, a sculpture/sound environment concerned with energy and forms of emotional and physical matter coming into coherence. Using modified industrial debris, Healy produced an evocative visual drama of objects seeming to force their way up and out of the floor. Hovering above were huge loops of aircraft cable, heavy yet light. Phillips created a complex, real-time sound environment to complement the visual dynamics using six speakers which reacted to each other's activity and volume level by following various computer algorithms implemented in MAX. This piece was shown in conjunction with the First Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

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1995- "Overtones" was a large site-specific installation, occupying 27 cells of Cell Block 10 in the vacant, historically important prison (Eastern State Penitentiary). We used light, sound and sculpture to take visitors on a visual and auditory journey meant to evoke the emotional reality of imprisonment, whether induced by societal imposition (locked hospital ward or penitentiary) or psychological affliction (inner chains of personal torment). Each cell was darkened to allow Healy’s sculptural tableaux, constructed from found materials, to emerge by means of dramatic lighting. Phillips produced twenty sound environments using small analog memory chips.

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"Ether/Aura: An Electromagnetic Event"

1991- Healy's sculpture acted as an antenna for 8 receivers (low frequency to cosmic rays), the outputs of which were processed by Phillips. The sound mix was computer-controlled and heard quadraphonically. All the lights within the installation were programmed and sequenced to pulse and fade. The installation was the site of two performances with dancer Alice Forner and nuclear physicist Dr. Donald Neville.
- Exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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"Shallow Breathing"

1989- This installation was sited in a long darkened room with a high ceiling. Healy's dream-like environment was animated by numerous colored lights which changed intensity slowly through use of a digital sequencer /lighting controller. Phillips created a 23 minute tape composition which played continuously through eight speakers.
- Exhibited at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania.

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"Molly Bloom"

1987- Healy's sculpture and lighting served as the setting for a performance in which actress Joanna Peled delivered the entire Penelope episode of James Joyce's Ulysses over a four hour period. Phillips composed a 26 minute sound piece that played as an overture to the performance as well as 8 short (3-4 minutes) sound interludes which played between the "sentences."
- Performed at Symphony Space and La Mama, New York, New York; Temple Gallery Stage Three, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cini Foundation, Venice, Italy.
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