Healy & Phillips: "Limbic Pentameter" Back to Installations page

      Click image for a short video (5.6Mb)
We created this site-specific installation employing surround sound, video projection and sculpture. The theme of the piece was the nature of consciousness—what goes on between our moments of attention? How do thoughts move through the mind and what do the processes of imagining, recall and self-observation/reflection feel like? Are humans doomed to theories of consciousness that embody the limitations of the system being explained? The box within a box image certainly comes to mind—how can we possibly gain a vantage point from which to consider these questions? As artists we consider ourselves privileged to roam in other realms of abstraction unburdened by the rigors of scientific or philosophical method. We are intrigued by the possibility of constructing a three dimensional structure of sensory experience which, in a small way, reflects our inner mental activity and innate desire for order and understanding.