Philadelphia Weekly: A-List for 9/22/04

"Limbic Pentameter: Carolyn Healy and John Phillips"

Sat., Sept. 25 and Sun., Sept. 26, 11am-7pm. Free. National Building, 119 Arch St. 215.387.4223.

Carolyn Healy and John Phillips' "Limbic Pentameter" is a rare accomplishment--art that's flashy yet reverberant and kind of humble. A sound-and-video display by Phillips projected on a spotlit towering found-object sculpture by Healy, "Limbic" has city chops and dreamy, poetic underpinnings. The Healy/Phillips recipe contrasts polar opposites like light and heavy, active and passive. Healy's blocky industrial discards are the heavies. They huddle together, casting ominous shadows on the walls. Phillips' video montage bombards and caresses the objects with everything from sinuous watery imagery to bouncing polka dots and laser wands that cartwheel and flip with Morse-code rapidity. The audio is a perfectly timed machine-noise fugue that pops, clicks, squawks and, every so often, pauses pregnantly. This piece is so seductive and its benign hallucinations so evocative of a universe of things, I could hardly tear myself away. I haven't always liked Healy/Phillips' works, but I love this piece completely. This is the Philadelphia debut of "Limbic." Don't miss it. (Roberta Fallon)