These are selected recent solo projects created by John Phillips.

Public Art

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2015: Neighborhood Time Exchange provided selected artists with free studio space, a monthly stipend, and basic tools and supplies. In exchange for the time in the studio, the artists contributed volunteer time to work with residents on their ideas to enhance their neighborhood. The 9 artists were from all across the USA and Europe.

Between January and September 2015 residents of the Belmont, Mantua, Mill Creek, Saunders Park, and West Powelton neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were encouraged to stop by our studio during open hours to submit service requests for improving the community. Our resident artists worked directly with neighbors to help plan and implement their projects. From fix-ups to clean-ups, youth workshops to helping seniors – no project was too small. One of Phillips' project was to help design and paint a mural of tulips on a neighborhood bridge. Another was to make a video documentary of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's visit to the neighborhood.

Major funders were: Philadelphia: Peoples Emergency Center, Mural Arts, and the Philadelphia Office of Art, Culture and the Creative Economy; Vancouver, CA: Broken City Lab.

2011-12: Commotion was a large scale re-imagining of public art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Commotion was an initiative of the University of the Arts, a public art project funded by PECO, commissioned by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority's Percent For Art Program and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. John Phillips was the lead artist and project director. The Festival had commissioned dance, theater, a book, video art, a sound walk and CD, community garden and performance with school children building a tall monument. Whew! Phillips initially began work with a group of University of the Arts students, but reached out to the community for input and content. For a list of all the people involved please read the full final report here.

Projects: Jebney Lewis, "Super Creature;" Tim Fitts, "46-45 Verandering;" Subcircle, "forget me… forget me knot;" Ed Shockely, "Greatest Life that Never Was;" Team Sunshine, "Wonder Wave;" Chris Forsyth, "Sound Places;" John Phillips, "Video Wagon" and "Night Ferry."

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2009: A composited video made as a final presentation for a waterfall-screen video projection public art work to be presented on Schuylkill Banks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not realized. No sound.

Sound & Video Performances

For the past year or so I've been making short videos with an interest in what time-based drawings might look like. This Vimeo page has recent pieces with my soundtracks.

2017: I was fortunate to be asked to do live video mixing during the performances of Julius Eastman's "Freeway," a piece he wrote in the early 1970's. I projected onto 4 columns in the historic Sanctuary, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2018: Another performance this time at the Kitchen, New York, New York. 40' x 60' back wall screen. Unfortunately, no one turned on the camera! This is a still of the kinds of video clips I mixed that evening.


2015: Corretto was a sound and video performance. I set up a system, using Isadora, that allowed me to manipulate colored shapes of paper to control the sound and the video processing. The "control paper" is visible on the left side of this image. Rotunda, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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2016: Cycles: an evening of video mixing and music by 4 artists and broadcast live on PhillyCam public access TV station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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These are some examples of music I have created separately from our installation projects.

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Projection Nothing: Starting with an analog modular track, much diddling and twiddling was done along the way.

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Tyx: originally made as a 4-channel piece.

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Interference: Commissioned by New American Radio, this radio play was written by Miriam Seidel and narrated by Stephen Novelli.

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Home Alone: mix down of another 4-channel piece. I have no idea where the title came from… what was I thinking?

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Word Salad: Carolyn Healy contributed her voice and writing. The piece was created entirely from her reading her poem A True Story. The music was originally played back through two day-glo salad bowls speakers which were very lo-fi and "beam-y." There was one gauze-covered chair between the speakers. This enabled directional effects and created an aural equivalent of the inside/outside theme of the writing.

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Altitudes: This piece is a series of location recordings made at each 1000 foot altitude starting in Yankee Boy Basin (13,800 ft) in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and descending through western Colorado into Kansas- ending at the Delaware River in Philadelphia, which is sea level. The voice towards the end is the caretaker of a small stone which marks the geographic center of the US (1000 feet). The sounds used are digitally modified recordings from all the altitudes. Commissioned by New American Radio.

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The Things One Has to Listen to…: "The things.." is a piece commissioned by New American Radio, a nationally syndicated program which offered air time to artists outside the "radio world." I started the piece by dividing the allotted 10 minutes by the number of pages in Samuel Beckett's novel The Unnamable. Then I created a score by noting each sound mentioned by Beckett and placing it on the timeline.

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