here&now, 2002: A site-specific installation in a 20' x 20' room in the former Alverthorpe Manor, now Abington Art Center, Abington, Pennsylvania, during September and October of 2002. We transformed the all white, fluorescent lit space into a dark and meditative chamber with a 24-color geometric wall mural, light refractions and 4 channel sound.
Carolyn Healy: sculpture and lighting,
John JH Phillips: audio

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We collaborated to create a contemplative environment that addresses the sense of fragility that we each confront as humans. We were interested in expressing the wonder of being alive for an unknown duration: a blip on an endless continuum of constantly transforming energies. The contrast between feeling substantial (corporeal, rooted in the world) and feeling disembodied (unearthly, metaphysical, closer to transcendence or death) underlies both the visual and sound components of the piece.

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