"Splendor in the Glass," 2015: located in a 19th century schoolhouse located on the campus of the Wheaton Arts Center, Millville, New Jersey. 25’ x 34’ x 11’
Carolyn Healy: sculpture and lighting
John JH Phillips: audio and video.

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This project began with an informal, months-long residency during which Carolyn hunted across the campus, sorting through castoff materials generated by the current glass studio, and digging into an entire barn of miscellaneous glass industry objects, many from the days when Wheaton, founded in 1888, was a major glass producer. The installation site was an historic schoolhouse on the Wheaton Arts grounds, separate from the Museum of American Glass. Viewers were able to stand in a vestibule and view the schoolroom in 3 directions. Carolyn softened the natural light and accentuated the presence of reflections and shadows by covering the windows with tinted, reflective film. The assemblages offered a free-form introduction to the ingredients of glass and the evolution of its uses, but was intended also to convey the beauty and fascinating qualities of glass, in its inherent nature and in synergy with light. John’s 22-minute video and soundscape used glass as source material for both its visual and sound effects.

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