MetaphorM, 2008:
Suyama Space, Seattle, Washington.

Three video projections, four audio speakers, light sensors, sculpture.
30' x 50' x 22'
Carolyn Healy: sculpture
John JH Phillips: audio and video

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MetaphorM attempted to heighten the viewer's awareness of the “natural” room and its changing light and shifting moods, by combining sculpture, sound and video in a subtle overlay to the existing rhythms of ribs, trusses and skylights in the space. The sculptural armature of interlocking steel rods with pulleys, cables, ropes and weights reflected basic figures of the architecture; the video, in subtle tones approximating shadow, created a slightly disorienting conversation between the sculptures and slowly evolving two-dimensional echoes of themselves. Sensations of movement and sound were introduced in response to changes in light conditions in the room: a light sensor placed in the gallery provided feedback to the computer system controlling three video projections on the walls. There was a quiet 4 channel sound mix.

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